Why Radio

Why radio

Radio remains a popular choice of media in Canada, with over 88% of Canadians 12+, tuning in every week! Radio connects with listeners through entertainment, news, traffic and travel updates, weather reports and through popular and well-loved radio personalities. Audiences are entertained by these personalities, whom they trust and see as friends.

RADIO FACTS: all radio listeners over 12 (Numeris Total Canada, Fall 2015 Radio Diary Survey)

tune in every week

17.7 hrs

every week

27.4 million

reached weekly

45% at home

34% in the car
19% at work

Why Radio Works for Advertisers


Radio is accessible at all times, in all places and is free!

Radio can be listened to whenever and wherever you want!

Radio in 2016 is adaptable to what you’re doing. Whether you’re taking a shower, climbing a mountain, sitting by a lake or waiting for a bus, thanks to modern technology, your radio is with you, keeping you entertained and up to date with relevant information.

Radio offers relevant and effective advert placement

Radio adverts can be planned to achieve maximum impact. Listeners can be targeted at certain times of day, and at times where product placement is relevant.

The localness of radio also means that relevant campaigns can be geographically targeted to the right area.

Radio is a trusted friend

People often listen to the radio on their own. During this time, listeners build unique relationships with radio personalities. Listeners often feel that the radio presenter is talking directly to them, and view them as their friend.

Placing adverts in such a trusted and respected environment can really help build a brand, and enhance trust in that brand, it’s like a recommendation from a friend.

Radio is live

Radio is up to date and informs people in real time, about events as they unfold. Radio is very important when there are huge news stories breaking, or when severe weather fronts are moving in.

Radio creative

Clever radio adverts create theatre of the mind for advertisers. One minute you’re standing in your kitchen preparing dinner, the next you’re on a beach in the Caribbean. The power of sound is quite incredible. Sound creatives can help draw a picture of the actual product being advertised. Fun and catchy jingles are often used in advertising campaigns, and can really help build awareness, and recognition of a brand.

Radio is cost effective in delivering high frequency

Advertising campaigns work better if there is high frequency of an advert, as people need multiple exposure to a campaign to help them respond and recall. Radio is the reach and frequency medium that advertisers can afford. Listeners 12+ listen, on average, to 17.7 hours of radio a week, (* Numeris Total Canada, Fall 2015 Radio Diary Survey) with a high frequency, increased brand awareness will be created over those hours.

RADIO FACTS: RADIO LISTENERS 18-34 (Numeris Total Canada, Fall 2015 Radio Diary Survey)

tune in every week

14.4 hrs

every week

6.8 million

reached weekly

43% in the car

25% at home
30% at work

RADIO FACTS: RADIO LISTENERS 35-49 (Numeris Total Canada, Fall 2015 Radio Diary Survey)

tune in every week

17.9 hrs

every week

6.7 million

reached weekly

45% at home

34% in the car
19% at work

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