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Download Is everyone still doing meetings in bunny slippers?

Download Canada Starts To Emerge July 2020

Download Le Canada recommence à vivre juillet 2020

Download Radio & the Ready To Go Consumer June 2020

Download La radio commerciale et les Biens de consommation courante Juin 2020

Download Weekly PPM Trending A25-54 and 12+ May 13 2020

Download Mise à jour de la radio commerciale

Download April 30 2020: MaruReports, COVID-19 Tracker/ Angus Reid Forum COVID-19 Weekly Monitoring Report

Download  Insights On Radio Trending Dec 30 2019 to March 29 2020

Download Tendances de la radio commerciale (Données PPM – du 30 décembre 2019 au 29 mars 2020)

Download Radio & COVID 19 Connecting with Canadians

Download Branchée sur les Canadiens : la radio au temps de la Covid-19

Download Radio Keeps Canadians Connected  

Download La Radio commerciale nous branche les uns aux autres

Download The Power of Radio 2020

10 Reasons Why to Advertise

Radio Basics

Numeris Radio Meter Glossary



Quebec French (English below): Support local Stores during these times March 2020 


Download Jacobs Media Covid 19 Survey 2 Radio’s Pathway through the Pandemic May 2020

Angus Reid COVID-19 Tracker – WAVE 8 (May 5, 2020)

SmallMedium Buisiness Leader – COVID Study Summary – May 5 2020

Angus Reid COVID-19 Tracker – WAVE 7 (April 28, 2020)

Angus Reid COVID-19 Tracker – WAVE 6 (April 22, 2020)

How to advertise now – A Playbook for Marketers During COVID-19 – Brainsights COVID-19 Series – April 9 2020


MaruReports COVID-19 Feel Behave Think Tracker_Canada0403

MIDiA COVID-19 Impact Webinar Slides – April 15 2020

Angus Reid COVID-19 Tracker – WAVE 4 (April 8, 2020)

The State of Consumers, Audio, and Media April 3 2020 for Radio Connects ppt

GWI coronavirus findings April 2020 – Media Consumption (Release 4)

RAB Advertising During Difficult Times 

Advertiser Perceptions – Coronavirus-Effect-on-Advertising

Beasley Media Group- Crisis Marketing for Local Businesses 2020-1

GWI coronavirus findings March 2020 – Multi-Market data (Release 3)

MaruReports COVID-19 Feel Think Behave Tracker_CANADA

MIDIA MAR 2020 COVID-19-Recessionary-Impacts-and-Consumer-Behaviour_ReportMindshare POV Covid 19

Mindshare POV Covid 19


Nuvoodoo Mar 26 to Apr 2 US Work-Status-and-Radio-Usage

NuVoodoo Media Consumption and Concern April 2 2020


Consumers Don’t Think Brands Should Stop Advertising During Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic makes radio stronger than ever – RadioToday

Crisis And Radio s Real Role Now

Despite Pandemic Direct-To-Consumer Ad Spending Expected To Rise

Despite Pandemic Impact, Radio Retained 90% Of Its AQH Audience In March

Desrosiers Canadian Car Sales March

 New Disgrace for Facebook

Numeris Radio sees lift in daily time spent

Radio On Frontlines Of Providing Real Time Info On Pandemic

Retailers That Keep Advertising Benefit From Improved Online Sales Analysis Shows

What Type Of Ads Should You Be Running Now_ – Radio Ink

Will radio audiences stick around after the crisis Media in Canada

The Perception of Radio is Not The Reality

Nielsen Radio Is Comfort Food For Listeners Coping With Virus Pandemic

Keep calm and stay tuned

Radio The Mood Boosting Effect

Radio It s On

How To Keep Current Clients On The Air And Approach New Ad Categories

The Calming Voice of a Radio Personality

Don t stop the spend people are listening

Radio During a Crisis

General Mills marketing strategy at time of COVID 19

Radio News You Can Trust

In times of crisis we still reach for the radio

It s Not Business as Usual

Radio the Emotional Multiplier

In New Ads Ford Says It s Built to Lend a Hand To Coronavirus Affected Customers

Radio Vital Help In Times of Need

Darkest Just Before Dawn

Home Workers Are Big Radio Listeners

Radio On Frontlines Of Providing Real Time Info On Pandemic

Why An Economic Headwind Could Work In Radios Favor

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