Radio creates business advantages for Canadian businesses

Through research and insight, Radio Connects provides the required proof of effectiveness that advertisers need.

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Source:  RTS Fall 2017, Candians 12+ | Edison Share of Ear © Canada 2017

What We Do

Working in partnership with members to create a MORE INFORMED ADVERTISING AND MEDIA COMMUNITY – one challenged and informed by a deeper understanding the role of commercial radio has within the audio landscape.​

Truth in Audio

The audio landscape is ever evolving and AM/FM radio has been evolving and adapting in pace.  Currently there are many misconceptions about radio and its place in the audio landscape.

  • Commercial radio is waning – IT’S NOT.
  • Millennials don’t listen to radio – THEY DO.
  • Spotify and similar platforms are the new radio – THEY’RE NOT.
  • Radio doesn’t build business – IT DOES

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Radio works, but don’t just take our word for it.  Check out our bespoke and curated research here.
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The honest truth about consumer attitudes to media, including the “trust factor” (or lack thereof), ad avoidance and attention paid to media channels. Presented in the context of generational research, do audio consumption behaviours change as life stages evolve?



Asking 3600 Canadians’ about their interaction with audio in and out of the automobile.  With an interim report conducted in June 2018, ROTM is helping to monitor the impact of changes in the audio landscape on listener behaviour and gain insight into in-car listening unavailable via PPM ratings.​


Killer one pagers that you can use in presentations.  Qualitative and quantitative data that proves radio works.

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