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An effective message starts with understanding the business needs or service offering that needs to be communicated.  The Client Needs Analysis helps the copy writer to understand what the spot needs to communicate about the business, product or service being advertised.

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Creative Best Practices

What a Canadian Radio Station is doing:

Toronto, Ontario, February 13, 2019 – World Radio Day.

In its second year of participation, English and French radio stations across Canada will once again deliver a unified message across geography, time zones, language and different ownerships groups. On a
scale unlike anything else, “I Heard It On The Radio” and “La Journée Mondiale de la Radio” will connect with Canadians,
everywhere at 8:22 am local time.

Download I Heard It :60s English
Download Journee Mondiale de la Radio :60s French

Ontario Association of Broadcasters ( OAB ) 2019 Pro Radio Spots: 

  1. Download Message is Clear
  2. Download People 25+5
  3. Download Emergency
2017 Crystal Radio Awards Winners: