Want to advertise on radio but don’t have creative? Contact Radio Connects and we can help you with everything from developing a creative brief to getting the spot made.


An effective message starts with understanding the business needs or service offering that needs to be communicated.  The Client Needs Analysis helps the copy writer to understand what the spot needs to communicate about the business, product or service being advertised.

Radio Connects can also facilitate talking directly to a creative team.  Please contact either or

Creative Best Practices

What a Canadian Radio Station is doing:

As local advertisers become more data-savvy, Indie88 looks beyond typical “Advertise With Us” spots to focus on real data that illustrates how radio advertising supports business objectives, enhances digital marketing buys, and boosts ROI.

2017 Crystal Radio Awards Winners:

Also thought you would be interested in this video we just produced about how radio has worked for one of our long-time clients: