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Radio On The Move

Download ROTM Spring 2022

Download La radio en mouvement 2022

Download Radio in a Digital Age

Download Share of Audio SP 2022

Download Les Parts  D’Écoute En 2022

Download ROTM Share of Audio Fall 2022

Download Parts de marché audio mise à jour automne 2022

Fall 2022 Share of Audio Webinar

Download Fall 2022 Share of Audio Webinar Questions and Answers


Download Radio Delivers for Advertisers A25-54

Download La radio répond au besoin des annonceurs

Download On the Road Again Sept 2022

Download De retour sur la route 2022

Download Radio in a Digital Age Sept 2022

Download La Radio à l’ère numérique 2022

Download Radio Makes Connections 2022

Download 8 Misperceptions Brands Have About Radio Dec 2022

Download 8 fausses perceptions à corriger-dec 2022

Nielsen Canadian ROI Study 2022

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radioCount webinar Radio Connects 20211123

Download radioCounts Fall 2021 Release Info

Download Radio Fast Facts Sept 2020      Download La radio – Les faits Septembre 2020
Download Quebec Media Landscape POV Nov 2020

CMDC Presentation_May2021

Case Studies:
>How radio drives e commerce
>Brainsights Audio Brand Building
>2021 Mindset of Radio Advertisers
>Radio Direct-to-Consumer-Media-Attribution-and-Awareness-Report_WWO
>Hear & Now Study: Targeting Radio Ads 
>Veritone Uplift Study Radio Key Factors

Industry Reports / Studies:

CRTC Attitude on Commercial Radio – Final_Report

Guide to Responsible Media Practices – A2C-CDMQ


Re-Evaluating Media for Recovery


> US The-Infinite-Dial-2021

Why Radio?

“Radio has more penetrating power than any other medium.” - November 2018
Colin Kinsella
CEO Havas Media