Audio Research & Analysis

Our first piece of research is in association with Audience Insights, it is called Radio on the Move, it is available with audio – just click the arrow on the deck beside this paragraph. The study looks at people’s listening habits while on the move,  updating in-car audio listening going back to 2010, and provides new data on radio’s place in the audio landscape.

Our second piece of research we commissioned Edison Research to conduct the first ever Canadian Share of Ear audio measurement study for all forms of online and offline audio

Despite a constantly changing audio landscape, broadcast radio controls more than 60% of the more than four hours a day that Canadians spend with all sources of audio. The audio space in Canada is vibrant and changing and now 9% of time spent listening to audio is with pureplay streaming services in Canada.

That’s just one of the findings from Share of Ear® Canada, the groundbreaking new study from Edison Research that provides the first consistent measurement of all audio consumption, including AM/FM radio stations, online radio stations, podcasts and even listeners’ own music collections.

The Share of Ear® study has been running since 2014 in the U.S., allowing for a comparison between us and our neighbors for the first time! This shows us that Canadians listen to more radio than Americans!

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