Audio Research & Analysis

We commissioned Edison Research to conduct the first ever Canadian Share of Ear audio measurement study for all forms of online and offline audio.

Despite a constantly changing audio landscape, broadcast radio controls more than 60% of the more than four hours a day that Canadians spend with all sources of audio. The audio space in Canada is vibrant and changing and now 9% of time spent listening to audio is with pureplay streaming services in Canada.

That’s just one of the findings from Share of Ear® Canada, the groundbreaking new study from Edison Research that provides the first consistent measurement of all audio consumption, including AM/FM radio stations, online radio stations, podcasts and even listeners’ own music collections.

The Share of Ear® study has been running since 2014 in the U.S., allowing for a comparison between us and our neighbors for the first time! This shows us that Canadians listen to more radio than Americans!

Studies available: