Radio Connects commissions Edison Research to conduct the first ever Canadian Share of Ear ® audio measurement study for all forms of online and offline audio

Despite a constantly changing audio landscape, broadcast radio controls 61% of the more than four hours a day that Canadians spend with all sources of audio. The audio space in Canada is vibrant and changing, and now 9% of time spent listening to audio is with pureplay streaming services in Canada  such as Spotify, Apple … Read more

World Radio Day

On Monday 13th February, the 6th World Radio Day took place. World Radio Day is an annual and global celebration of the mass media that reaches the widest audience in the world. Radio is also recognized as a powerful communication tool and a low cost medium. Globally we need to remember that radio is specifically … Read more

We’re here to help!

Radio Connects was formed in August 2016, as an advocacy body for the fabulous medium that is radio. We are here as the premier marketing and resource centre for radio advertising in Canada. We are here to tell great radio stories and to remind the advertising community of the powerful advertising medium that is radio. … Read more