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What a Canadian Radio Station is doing: As local advertisers become more data-savvy, Indie88 looks beyond typical “Advertise With Us” spots to focus on real data that illustrates how radio advertising supports business objectives, enhances digital marketing buys, and boosts ROI. Below are the spots:

Also thought you would be interested in this video we just produced about how radio has worked for one of our long-time clients:



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Advertising and Promotion


Spot Advertising

Spot advertising is the most common form of radio advertising. Spots can be bought on any commercial station, at all times of the day, any day of the week.

The more often your advert is on air, the more often listeners hear your message, and the more likely they are to understand your brand, and what is being advertised.  That’s why reaching customers at various stages of their day, both during the week and the weekend, is so important.

Ensuring your message is top of mind with a consistent weekly presence on radio, will help your brand be heard with a high frequency, that will create a memorable profile for your brand.

The formula for success is a simple one, radio reaches the right customers, the right number of times and with the right message.

With over 87% of Canadians tuning in each week, there is no better way to reach Canada, than with radio advertising.



Either a station, or a station personality can endorse an advertiser’s product or service. Products can be endorsed via a live read, a story about a personal experience or through an interview. Endorsements help to build trust and a listener’s relationship with a brand, as it is seen as a recommendation from a trusted source.


Radio Contests are an effective way to reach the audience and engage them with a creative contest and prizes! The positioning of the contest, puts your brand at the heart of the show and integrates it with programming! Contests build listener engagement and excitement.


On Air sponsorships help deliver high frequency to a campaign, as well as adding high impact messaging. Sponsorships work to develop awareness to listeners through association.


Off Air Remotes

Radio station presenters often attend off air remotes, on behalf of a brand. The remotes help support a brand, and can often help drive footfall, which can help increase awareness of the location or, if it’s a store, can help increase merchandise sales.


Advertising is available on radio stations websites too.


For more information, please contact your radio sales representatives, or Radio Connects.