Each week, millions of Canadians tune into AM/FM radio across multiple platforms and devices. Thanks to radio, people can stay entertained, informed, and connected to their communities wherever they are, and whenever they want.

Want to understand how radio can help you succeed? The material contained in this section explains how advertising on AM/FM Radio can effectively and efficiently grow your business.

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Whether serving a large metropolitan area or a small community, AM/FM Radio is the most reliable means of connection, travelling along as a companion, providing music to entertain, ideas and news to inform, and important updates to keep peoples safe.  It’s the only medium that reaches the broadest possible audiences, while still feeling personal and familiar.  Radio is You and Radio is Me.

Rediscover the Power of Live Radio 2024

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One Page Profiles : FALL 2023 RTS

Principle Grocery Shopper

Affulent 25-54

Major HH Purchase Decision Maker

Fast Food

Upper Middle Class Familes

Plans to buy a Car

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